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Confederation of Tomorrow

Updated September 21, 2020 Published September 10, 2020

The Confederation of Tomorrow is a landmark annual survey of public opinion that explores the attitudes of Canadians towards the practice of federalism and their federal community.  This snapshot is a unique resource for scholars and journalists interested in public opinion and federalism. 

So far, we have released two reports based on the 2020 Confederation of Tomorrow survey.  

Report 1: Regional Perspectives on the Economy and Climate Change

Report 2: The Division of Powers and Resources

You can find these reports and the 2019 reports through our partners at the Environics Institute. 

For those interested in using the data in their own research, questionnaires are available in the menu and data is available upon request. 

The study is conducted by the Environics Institute for Survey Research, in partnership with four leading public policy organizations across the country: the Centre of Excellence on the Canadian Federation at the IRPP, the Canada West Foundation, the Centre D’Analyse Politique Constitution Fédéralisme, and the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government at StFX University.   

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COVID-19 provincial policies, fiscal relations, Indigenous governance, public opinion on federalism: the Centre of Excellence on the Canadian Federation is the IRPP's new permanent research initiative providing key insights on the Canadian federation.

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